Monday, April 8, 2013

The Richardson Family Store

A little over a year ago, I found myself struggling to get my two crazy sons to behave. 

They seemed to do exactly the opposite of what I was asking from them.

If you've found yourself in the same situation in your home, with YOUR crazies, there is hope, my friend!

There is a reward system that changed our home.  Really!

We refer to it as our "Family Store".

How it works:

My boys earn tickets for chores and on Friday evening, they cash them in to "buy" items of their choice.  This is a give and take system.  They earn tickets for good behavior and lose tickets for poor behavior.  (I realize some people may disagree with taking tickets away for something they earned, however, this is what works for our family.)

We price the items in the store together and agree on a reasonable price.  Then the items are marked with a sticker so that we can remember how much they cost. 

Ways to Earn Tickets:

- Brush Teeth (without being asked)

- Make Bed

- Clean Bedroom

- Take Garbage Out

- Feed Boomer

- 3 or more Promise Bands at school

- Act of Kindness

- Dirty Clothes to the laundry room

- Help Mommy (without any complaints)

- Get Towel BEFORE getting into the bathtub

- Clean up toys from floor

- Clean off Dining Room Table

- Check the Mail

Ways to Lose Tickets:

- Lying

- Hitting/Kicking

- Disobedience

- Yelling

- Bad Attitude

- Arguing

- Multiple Requests from Mommy or Daddy to complete a task

- Back Talking

Items we've had available for purchase include:

- Gum (one of the most sought after items!)

- Glow Sticks

- Dollar Store Toys

- Computer Games (I snagged them for $2!)

- Lego Mini-Figures

After a while, I realized they were buying multiple, junky toys and saw an opportunity to teach them the value of saving their tickets.

Recently, I downsized our store.

As you can see, it's pretty bare to the naked eye. 

There are silly bands, candy bracelets, stickers, kites, glow necklaces, super hero figurines (6 for $5!) and the ever famous, bubble gum.

The new, revamped Family Store includes "big ticket" items that are more "experiences" than "things". 

Big Ticket items include experiences that are to be completed within the week of purchase.

- Park

- Pick Dinner

- Rent Video Game from Blockbuster

- 1-Hour Playstation 3 - Alone!

- Skating Rink

- Movie Theater

- Chuck -E- Cheese

- Stay up late on a Friday or Saturday night

- Have a friend Sleepover

- Have a Date with Mommy or Daddy

- Chore Free Day

They are encouraged to save some of their tickets each week in order to pool them together for a big item (i.e. Chuck E Cheese).

I hope if you're reading this and you're struggling to find a way to give your children incentive to WANT to be responsible, that you'll be inspired to find a rewards system that works for you.  I've heard of stickers on a card and once they're full, give a treat/reward.  There are many ways to make this work for your specific family.  This has been such a blessing for our family!  And with a little preparation, it's so simple!

Here are my happy shoppers with their purchases from this week:

I hope you're inspired!

I'm happy to be checking off another item on my Promise Me 2013 list! 

Revamping our Family Store.  Check!